Today I am going to demonstrate some quick tips and techniques  in Photoshop  to improve the quality of an image and make it look more professional.


Now lets make it look better…..

1. Open your photo in Photoshop Cs5 and go to Layer and New Adjustment Layer, then choose Brightness/Contrast.

 This automatically creates a new layer for you..just click ok

Adjust your brightness and contrast levels accordingly. I have used 67 as this photo needs brightening up! I just used +6 for contrast as I don’t want it to look fake.

2. Next we are going to warm up the image as it looks a little cold! So go to Layer and New Adjustment Layer, then choose Photo Filter. Click OK to create the new layer…

Now we are going to choose warming Filter 85 and I am going to change the density to 19 as I don’t want to over do it!

3. I am still not happy so how about a bit of Vibrance and Saturation. Again go to Layer and New Adjustment Layer, then choose Vibrance. Adjust accordingly..


4. Next I would like a softer focus so I am going to put a bit of Blur on the image. With layer 1 selected (your original layer) go to Filter, Blur, then Gaussian Blur.

I am going to give a radius of 1.5 as I don’t want to ruin the focus. I am aiming to have the main focus on the girl in the centre and the guy on the right – now that is my next step:

5. Choose the Quick Selection tool and drag around the areas you want to sharpen or bring more in to focus – in this case the girl.


Next click Filter, then Sharpen to bring the girl into focus.

6. Finally my finished photo, whether you like it or not!!

( I took the original image from [Series Of  Business Professionals  At Work by Photostock/] and I have edited it slightly from its original for the purposes of this tutorial.)

Did you find this useful?

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