By Sarah at Webblitz 

Why am I reviewing other UK Web Design Blogs?

Here I will showcase the Top 10 Web Deisgn Blogs in the UK , (which compared to USA they are not all that abundant!). I intend to provide an honest appraisal and my findings are based on where the UK blogs appear in Googles search results, with number one being the most popular. I am not discussing these blogs with a competitive persepective but rather with the aim to research and uncover what these UK blogs offer and discover  how they are reaching success;  in other words I am in the business of appreciating others work and sharing/celebrating their accomplishment! So here goes…. 

 1.  Spoon Graphics :    “For Graphic Design lovers!”  

The blog at Spoon Graphics strikes you with its own unique handsome graphic design which complements the smart layout . Spoon Graphics has a tremendous amount of accommodating articles about Digital Artists, Word Press Themes,  Digital Graphics Techniques and  Photoshop/Illustrator  Tutorials  that in truth really do cater for the graphic designer and hence this blog really fulfils its mission. 

The latest post: How to create a Vector Soldier in Illustrator is an easy to follow tutorial with assisting screen shots, and like all the posts at Spoon Graphics it has been eloquently put together and written by a true professional. You can see a picture of the owner with the “MacBook” on his head (Chris Spooner)! This is a comical perspective on the high profile Chris Spooner who has risen to the top of Google unsurprisingly with an enormous amount of success! 

2. The Web Design Blog  :  “Get the most out of web design!” 

 The “Web Design Blog ” has an air of authority and immediately you can see it has weight in the web design field! A magic wand, a simple logo, and well designed navigation buttons lead you into a world of accurate well-heeled articles. The emphasis on “Interviews” I find appealing as not many other blogs do this and this tells me how committed the author must be and I like this approach.  For example you can check out the talented web designer Grace Smith as the Web Design Blog interview her; she unveils some of her secrets about being a freelance web designer. Who knows maybe the humble Sarah at Webblitz may be interviewed here one day! 

Dont forget to check out the Web Design Blogs’ rather generous Freebies in the “Downloads” i.e.  Free Multi-Coloured Ipod Nano PNG Icons.

3. Web Designer Mag  :   “Web Design for Real People!”

The Web Designer Mag holds a delicious variety of professional web design topics for interested web design enthusiasts. The site design itself is a superb mix of colours, graphics and adverts but it oddly works. I like the sites motto “Web Design for Real people” which suggests they seek the genuine and authentic reader. So if you have a true passion for the subject and you want to learn about  or contribute to the huge amount of tutorials for WordPress, PHP, Photoshop etc then do visit this cutting edge magazine!

In addition to The Web Designer Mag “Imagine Publishing” have another rather ‘attention-grabbing’ magazine called “How it works” which I think the younger audience would appreciate, although not actually quite in the young bracket myself I had to admit I was quite partial to the pages on “Space” and enjoyed reading the article “Question Of The Day: Is NASA about to announce the discovery of alien life?”

4.  Design Shack  : “Prepare to be Inspired”

For all those truly creative Design Shack offers inspiring web design, with comprehensive tutorials and helpful resources. They focus on the elite web designs and will only showcase the connoisseurs! So be inspired folks! I love the commentary on web designs in the ‘Gallery’ and the option to search on designs based on Colour, Layout and Category.


5. Graphic Design Blog : “All things graphic design”

‘Content is king’ as they say;  this blog is truly the crème of graphic design blogs for sharing articles, resources, graphic design programs etc. What I really liked was the resources for students and I think the resources at this blog would be a great aid to graphic design studies. Tara the owner is an experienced freelance graphic designer and delicately puts together some splendid articles on the subject I especially like the guest blog section and the post Photoshop – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”  by Richard Fisher at Frank Communications. There is a wealth of categories here from “Fonts and Useful Stuff” to “Design Books” to “Character Design”.

Dont  forget to check out that Von Glitschka has kindly offered to give one of Taras lucky readers at Graphic Design Blog a free signed copy of his book titled :Vector Basic Training

6. Vision Online  : ”Interesting look at current trends”

Another one of the UKs best British web design blogs. Visiononline keep it simple : they don’t have a huge amount of articles but they are ranking  pretty well in Google and is it any wonder? The articles are contemporary and appealing ; I like the article “Could design save lives?” which goes on to mention how design can help the mind and reduce pain. 

Another interesting article is “2011 predictions” are we really going to get bored of Cloud computing?!

7.  Dave Reeder  : “jQuery; eat ya heart out!”

Some excellent practical articles especially on jquery. Dave uses BlogEngine.NET which is a refreshing alternative to the WordPress,  Joomla setup  blogs. See help for Gliders, Sliders and Carousels and “ jquery tabs with memory”   and grab the markup for these tags free! So if you want some practical help on the jQuery framework then this is the place to bookmark!

8. Pixel Design Studio  :  “A break from the norm”

Snazzy design and truly eye catching,  makes me want to click the “do not click here” why not try it yourself to see what it does! I very much like the navigation bar as when you hover over a link a description appears underneath in trendy handwriting! I am already hooked and feel I must read more!

Pixel designs studio have some admirable work in their portfolio but I am really here to discuss uk web design blogs and this one rightly deserves to rank high! The posts in the blog section are very well put together “Top 7  SEO Best SEO strategies”. Its not surprising this site has won several awards from around the globe and I am a big fan of getting Uk Web design stamped on the globe!

9.  Web Design Talk “Web Programmers Unleash!”

Another web design blog that commands authority, straight to the point, practical and down to earth: this blog is for those inclined with the programming element of web design: i.e. the technical stuff  like PHP, ASP, jQuery.  Some real practical help available in the posts; so if you are a web programmer this is the place to unleash your programming frustrations.  A good post is:  “Parsing Arguments as an Associative Array to a function” all the sources are provided for free and this is an extremely well written article.

10. Ben Sky Blog :  “For Fellow Web Designers & Developers”

Another blog climbing high in Google, a really fine clean and neat design with easy navigation; there are not many articles in the blog, but hey its quality not quantity! I like the  article “Time Management for Freelancers”  as it give some useful and real advice especially about promoting which is certainly one of the things Bensky have got right otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this!

Do you think I have left any UK Web Design Blogs out? Have I overlooked you?

Please let me know in the comments!

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  • Hi Sarah,

    First of all thanks for sharing such useful resource, Finding UK specific web designing blog is really helpful. I have also found that some of the blogs you have mentioned also accepts guest posts which is another good news.

  • I want to use the WayBackMachine to try to retrieve my old Yahoo! 360 Blog posts, but I don’t know what the URL format was. So far I am coming up empty. Anybody have an example URL that I can use to reconstruct a valid URL for my old blog? Thanks!.

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